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Cleaning crude and other heavy oil tanks has a history of being expensive, time consuming, and generates solid waste. Solvent Extraction and the Tanksweep Cleaning system is the latest technology for Oil Tank Cleaning, Oil and gas safety, atmospheric vessels, pressure vessels, and Sludge Disposal Reduction in the petrochemical industry. Quite often, Sludge Disposal is the greatest cost for tank owners, but with the Oil Tank Cleaning System, that cost is reduced by as much as 2/3 by disolving the organic compounds in the sludge, using distillates made in the refinery or products normally stored in the tank and returning the oil to the owner. My company evaluates your site to determine the best options for Oil Tank Cleaning and Sludge Disposal Reduction, then developes the plan to execute the cleaning.

The Solvent-Extraction (SE) method was developed to improve the tank cleaning process

  • SE is effective
  • Safe
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Simple to execute
  • Reduces costs
  • Returns tanks to service faster
  • Recovers hydrocarbons as product versus solid waste
  • Reduces human exposure to tank sludge environment



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